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Our products and services are not only characterized by quality and high benefits for the user. At HyCon, we attach great importance to ensuring that the framework conditions around our product are exemplary. For defense-related or safety-relevant components, we strictly observe legal rules for export and import into the respective country. HyCon strictly adheres to all specifications and thus assumes responsibility within the scope of its activities.
Over the years, we have built an outstanding reputation as a company. This reputation is based on the achievements of our employees and our corporate philosophy. All employees of HyCon are required to comply with national and international law and to observe the principles of fair competition. For this we have established a system of guidelines, obligations and procedures that has proven itself for a long time – also in cooperation with our business partners at home and abroad. The prevention of corruption is at the heart of this system.
We stand for fair trade in fair products. This is our goal after we strive day by day anew with all employees.